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Project Background

In 2011, the Bernalillo County Public Works Department began a process to develop the Bridge Boulevard Corridor Redevelopment Plan for the section of Bridge Boulevard between Coors Boulevard and the Barelas Bridge. The purpose of the plan was to identify strategies to support livability principles within the local community while effectively moving regional traffic through the corridor. The Plan was adopted by the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners in 2013 and included zoning updates, roadway infrastructure recommendations, the identification of catalytic areas with redevelopment potential, and proposed phasing for improvement implementation.

In order to begin implementation of portions of the Redevelopment Plan, Bernalillo County Public Works Department, in cooperation with Federal Highway Administration and New Mexico Department of Transportation, proposes to reconstruct Bridge Boulevard from Coors Boulevard to 8th Street. Traffic between Coors Boulevard and Old Coors Drive would also be redirected to a reconstructed Tower Road, which is identified as a principal arterial in the Mid-Region Council of Government’s 2004 Long Range Roadway System Plan.

Design Process

The Bridge Boulevard project corridor is approximately 3.54 miles. Implementation of the project is expected to be completed in five phases:

Phase 1:
Tower Road from Coors Boulevard to Bridge Boulevard and Bridge Boulevard from Carlos Rey Drive to Goff Boulevard
Phase 2:
Young Avenue to Riverside Drain
Phase 3:
Goff Boulevard to Young Avenue
Phase 4:
Riverside Drain to 8th Street
Phase 5:
Pedestrian Improvements on Barelas Bridge and ITS Signal Improvements

Phase 1 design began in April 2015 and Phase 2 design began in 2017. Design and construction of the remaining segments may occur in a different sequence, dependent on funding and timing of separate concurrent projects within the area.

Environmental Assessment

Bernalillo County Public Works Department prepared an Environmental Assessment that focused on broad issues for the entire project corridor, and identified future environmental analysis to be completed during each design phase. No construction related activities were authorized as a result of the Environmental Assessment. There will be several opportunities to offer input during each phase of the project. More information on how to participate in the design process can be found at Participate

Roadway Design

Each phase of the roadway design process will follow the New Mexico Department of Transportation’s Location Study Procedures guidelines. The project team will use the “Main Street” conceptual designs developed during the Redevelopment Plan process to obtain additional information, including right-of-way requirements, costs, performance data, environmental surveys, utility information, and public input. The conceptual designs will be further evaluated and refined and reviewed in the environmental document for each phase. Environmental documents will be prepared for each design phase. The environmental documents will address site-specific conditions, project impacts, costs, mitigation measures, and any necessary design adjustments. The phase-specific environmental documents will be the decision documents that authorize construction activities.

All decisions on roadway design, utilities, intersection configurations, and aesthetic treatments will be made during the design phase for each segment. Design decisions will be made through evaluation of roadway operations, constructability, cost, public input, and environmental impacts.

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Submit comments through this website or by emailing:

Opportunities to learn about the design and offer input and feedback will be available through:


  • August

    Approval of Redevelopment Plan

  • Jan 2016

    Approval of Environmental Assessment


    • Detailed studies to be performed during design phase
    • Level of environmental documentation for each design phase

  • April

    Phase I - Tower Road from Coors Boulevard to Bridge Boulevard and Bridge Bouelvard from Carlos Rey Drive to Goff Boulevard

    • Preliminary design
    • Public input
    • Environmental document
    • Final design

  • Spring of 2020

    Construction of Phase I

  • 2017 to

    Phase 2 - Young Avenue to Riverside Drain

    • Preliminary design
    • Public input
    • Environmental document
    • Final design
    • Construction expected to begin Fall 2021

  • TBD

    Future Phase 3 - Segment to be determined

    • Public input
    • Environmental document
    • Final design
    • Construction to be determined depending on funding

  • TBD

    Future Phase 4- Segment to be determined

    • Preliminary design
    • Public input
    • Environmental document
    • Final design
    • Construction to be determined depending on funding


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Redevelopment Plan

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May 2015 Public Meeting


Environmental Assessment

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January 2016 Public Meeting

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Your participation in the process is vital to the future of Bridge Boulevard. Opportunities will be available for you to give input throughout the design process and there are multiple ways to get involved:

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  2. Attend and participate in public meetings and informal open houses that will be scheduled.
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